The transfer of an ad-free subscription from one device to another is possible under the following circumstances:


1. It is the same app/game.


2. The game is installed on the same type of device, i.e., Android device to Android device, Apple device to Apple device, Fire device to Fire device, etc. It is not possible to transfer the subscription between, for example, an Android smartphone and an iPhone.


3. The respective app store (e.g., Google Play, Apple App Store) on the device is linked to the same account or ID. This is important because the subscription service is handled by the store and not through our games. We only offer the use of the service in our apps.


In order to activate the subscription, after installing the app, you need to make sure that the app store is connected to the correct account/ID. When the app is opened, it usually automatically detects the connection and activates the ad-free service.


If ads are still displayed, the connection between the game and the store can be refreshed in the options under the item Advertising with “Restore subscription.” For more information on this topic, see “Why do I see ads even though I have a subscription?


If you change your device and thereby change the device type from, for example, an Android to an Apple device or vice versa, do not forget to cancel your old subscription, otherwise it will be renewed regularly. In this case, the subscription cannot be transferred. Instead, you will have to cancel your old subscription and purchase a new one on the new device.