There are various reasons why you may see ads even though you have a subscription. Please note that all purchases and subscriptions are provided by the stores. We only offer the use of such services in our apps.


1. The connection to the App Store is interrupted.

Make sure your internet connection is working and the app is recognized by the store. You can easily determine this when you open the app and are greeted by a pop-up from, for example, the Game Center or Play Games.


2. You are logged into the App Store with the wrong email address / ID.

Your subscriptions and in-app purchases are tied to a specific user account in the respective store. This means that if you change the account on your device, the purchased items for the previous account will no longer be accessible.


3. Your purchase was canceled or declined.

It can happen that a subscription purchase did not work properly. Reasons for this include outdated payment methods or technical problems with the billing process.





In case of connectivity problems

1. Make sure that you are logged in with the correct account

2. Open the “Advertising” option in the app and tap on “Restore subscription”

3. Restart the app if necessary


In case of payment problems

1. Check if you have received a payment confirmation

2. Visit the store support for assistance


Help for iOS in the Apple Support

Help for Android in the Google Play Help