The advertisements in our apps are delivered by third-party advertisers through a partner network. If issues with ads arise, the resolution process may be delayed as we need to contact our partners first. We ask for your understanding.

There are various reasons why an advertisement cannot be closed.


1. The advertisement is faulty and the button to close it is not displayed correctly. This can happen, for example, when a black button appears on a black background and is not visible, or when a button is outside the touchable area due to an incorrect screen format.


Solution: If the borders of the ads appear black, tap in the corners of the screen to look for hidden buttons. If that doesn't work, the app needs to be pushed out of the cache and restarted.


2. The app has crashed in the background. An ad video is usually preloaded, so it will still play even if the app itself has crashed.


Solution: If the ad cannot be closed, the app must be pushed out of the cache and restarted.


If you notice a faulty ad, send us a message via email to or directly here via the contact form.