Rules and special cards of this variant are preset by default in the app and cannot be changed. To customize the defaults to your liking, select the “Custom” mode in the settings.


Game Setup

At the beginning of the game, each player receives five cards, while another card is placed as the discard pile. The remaining cards make up the deck from which to draw cards. The game starts clockwise but can later change the direction of play by using reversal cards (10). The first card on the discard pile is considered the first card played by the dealer.


Players take turns placing one card from their hand on the discard pile or drawing a card from the deck. The discarded card must be the same suit (diamonds, hearts, spades, clubs) or rank (2 to Ace) as the last card played, unless it is a wish card. Wish cards may be played regardless of the suit or rank of the last card played.


If a player has two or more cards of a rank in his hand and can play the first one, they may then discard all other cards of that rank immediately. Special cards (e.g., wish or skip card) are excluded from this.


Special Cards

If a player plays a wish card (Ace), they may choose the suit that the next player must serve. Wish cards may be stacked regardless of the chosen suit, and a new suit may be determined by the next player.


When a 2 or a Jack is played, the following player must draw two or five cards accordingly. Note: The 2 and the Jack cannot be combined. In case of the 2, the player can put another 2 on top of it and pass the draw obligation to the next player. The sequence continues until one player cannot play any more cards and must pick up the sum of the cards.


If a Black Jack is placed on any Jack, the draw obligation is passed on and the sum is increased accordingly. As soon as a Red Jack is placed on any Jack, all previous Jack draw cards are neutralized, and no draw is required.

If a skip card (8) is played, the following player is not allowed to take any action. Their turn is skipped and the player after them continues. Skip cards cannot be stacked, and the effect cannot be passed on.


When a player plays a Black Queen, they swap their entire hand with the player to their left.


If a player cannot play, they must pick up a card from the deck. Once the deck is empty, the discard pile is reshuffled except for the top card and placed again as drawing deck.


Round End and Winning

When playing the penultimate card, the player must announce that they have only one card left in hand by saying "Switch". If a player fails to do so, they must draw two cards as a penalty.


If a player plays a special card (e.g., wish or skip card) as the last card, they must then draw a new card. The round ends when someone has played all the cards in their hand. The player without cards gets one winning point, all other players get no points. The game ends when a player first scores two winning points and thus wins.