In Custom mode, all settings can be adjusted individually. For example, rules can be turned on or off, special cards (e.g., wild or skip card) can be assigned as you like, and scoring rules can be set.


By tapping on a rule, a short explanation is displayed and by tapping on the value or dragging a slider, the desired settings can be made.


The following settings can be made: (Order as in app settings) 

Cards per player

Number of cards dealt to the player at the beginning of each round.

Card deck

You can choose from three different decks for the game - 32 cards (7 to Ace), 36 cards (6 to Ace) or 52 cards (2 to Ace).

Wild card penalty

If the last card played is a wild card, all other players' points for that round are doubled. Applies only to the points-based scoring system.

Wild suit

After playing this card, you choose which suit to follow.

Wild rank

After playing this card, you choose a rank (no special cards) that must be followed regardless of suit.

Draw X

After playing this card, the next player must draw a set number of cards or play another draw card, which adds more cards for the next player to draw, unless they can also play a draw card and repeat the action. The last player must pick up the sum of the cards.


After playing this card, the next player must skip a turn.

(Change direction)

After playing this card, the direction of play is reversed from clockwise to counterclockwise and vice versa. With only two players, you can put on another card since it works like skipping a turn.


After this card is played, another one can be played immediately with all its effects. If you use it with only two cards in hand, you still must announce the last card before playing it. If you cannot follow, you pick up a card as usual.


After playing this card, everyone takes a card from their hand and passes it to the player on their left.

Forced draw cancel

This card can be played to cancel the effects of any draw card.

Use Jokers

This adds wild cards to the deck. The Joker can be played on anything and followed by anything. In some modes it has additional effects.

Play after draw

If you draw a card because you cannot follow, you can play that card immediately if it matches.

Play after forced draw

If you draw cards because of a draw card, you can still play a card afterwards as usual.

Draw after forced draw

If you draw cards because of a draw card and then cannot play a card, another card must be drawn.

Forced draw stacks

When a Draw X is played, you can play another Draw X on it to pass the action to the next player by adding another X to the total number of cards to be drawn. (e.g., Draw 2 on Draw 3 means the next player must draw 5 cards or play another draw card).

Skip on skip

Players may play a skip card on a previous skip card instead of sitting out their turn, thus passing the effect to the next player.

Wild on wild

Players may play a wild card on top of a previous wild card, overwriting the color or rank, and then choose a new suit/rank to follow.

First card special

If there is a special card in the discard pile after the cards are dealt, it counts as if the dealer had played it. (For example, if it is a wild card, the dealer might choose a suit or rank.)

Last card penalty

Players must announce that they have only one card left in their hand before playing the penultimate card from their hand. Otherwise, they must draw the number of cards specified here.

Special card as last

This allows special cards to be played as the last card. If the option is disabled, special cards are normally prevented from being played as the last card. Instead, a card must be drawn. In the Switch variant (YES + 1), you can play a special card, but then must draw a new card.


If you have two or more cards of the same rank, you can play them all at once.


If you have a King and a Queen of the same suit, you can play both at once.

Black/Red Jack

Jacks are Draw 5-cards. If Black Jacks are placed on top of Red or Black Jacks, the sum of the draw points is added up. If a Red Jack is placed on a Red or Black Jack, it results in a draw card stop and no one must draw.

Black Queen

After playing a Black Queen, you swap hands with the player to your left.

Macau Special

When the King of Spades is played, the previous player in turn order must draw 5 cards, unless they have a King of Hearts (or King of Spades). In that case, the next player in turn order must draw 10 cards.
If the King of Hearts is played, the next player in turn order must draw 5 cards, unless they have a King of Spades (or King of Hearts). In that case, the next player in turn order must draw 10 cards.
If a player can play the Queen of Hearts on either the King of Spades or the King of Hearts, they cancel its effect.


Here you can choose from the scoring methods of 101, 8 Américain, Crazy Eights, Mau-Mau, or none (-). Afterwards, the target number of points can be determined for some methods.

Target score

Number of points needed to finish a game.