If you have any questions or problems, please send us a message via email to or directly here via the contact form.


In order for us to process a request quickly and effectively, the following information is helpful to us:


1. Title of the game/app

2. Device type

3. Operating system (OS) and version number

4. Game version

5. Description

6. Screenshots/videos


With this data, we can provide targeted information about specific functions. In addition, our developers will be able to reproduce problems and thus solve them faster.


1. Title of the game/app

This refers to the name of the game on your screen, in the app itself or in the respective app store.


2. Device type

This refers to the most accurate name of your mobile device.


Example: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0, Huawei P30 lite, iPhone 7, iPad mini 3, Fire HD 10


3. Operating system (OS) and version number

Our games are available for Android, iOS and Fire operating systems. You can find the currently installed version number in the settings of your device.


Example: Android 11, iOS 14.4.2, Fire OS


4. Game version

This refers to the currently installed/updated version of the game on your device. If you are able to open the app, the version number is usually located directly on the main screen. Otherwise, it can also be found in the “About” or “I” menu item.


If you cannot open the app for some reason, you can find the current version number in the respective App Store.


Example: Canasta version: 3.3.2, Backgammon_v: 3.5.21


5. Description

A few specific details will help us to give you a direct answer without having to ask for more information. It is enough for us when you describe your problem in short steps.


Here are some questions you can answer:

- Since when does your problem occur, e.g. a certain date, since the last update of the operating system or the app?

- How does the app behave?

- Do you get a message displayed?

- Are fellow players also affected?

- How does a crash present itself, e.g. black screen, freezing of the screen, sudden closing of a game or the whole app?

- Have you uninstalled/reinstalled the app?

- Did you restart your device?

- Did you sign up for an ad-free subscription?


Example: Since the last iOS update, the app crashes in online mode. Whenever I make a move, the screen freezes, the app closes, and I end up on my phone's home screen. I reinstalled the app once, but the problem remains.


6. Screenshots/Videos

If you are able to send us screenshots of, for example, buggy game situations, unusual app behavior, or problematic players, it can help us better assess the situation. We can often resolve a query more quickly or our developers can understand issues more accurately.