Changes in the new RUMMY multiplayer version (from version 5.0.17 and higher)


- From now on logins via Google Play, Gamecenter or email are possible.

- This simplifies e.g. the change to a new device.

- Resetting passwords is now possible without contacting support.

Is it possible to transfer the old account to the new system?

No. But since the account also contained only contacts and highscores, there is no important data to transfer.

Changes of the statistics:

- The statistics will be reset once.

- There will be a new leaderboard system.

- There is a new match history system.

If the old system is not used anymore, what happens with my data ?

By switching to the new system all data of the old system will be deleted.


- The basic stability, both off- and online will be significantly increased.

- Player movements are displayed in real time, not just at the end of the turn. This increases the strategic depth.

How are the improvements made possible ?

This is made possible by using Unity and PlayFab, which are both well-known and proven solutions in the industry.

Friends & Online:

- The classic "contact list" has been removed. This means that it is no longer possible to be "disturbed" with invitations from strangers, for example.

- To play online the host can send a direct link to the Rummy table on any short message service or email to his friends. For example via Facebook, Whatsapp, ICQ, SMS and many more.

How to invite players ?

- Click on "Play online

- Tap on "Play with friends

- Make your settings and tap on "next".

- Tap on the "+" in the upper left corner

- There you have the possibility by tapping e.g. WhatsApp to send the link to your lobby. 

  Also other messengers work !