Our app offers the standard layout for a Sudoku game. The playing field is divided into 3×3 blocks, each consisting of 3×3 squares. A total of 81 number fields are arranged in 9 columns and 9 rows.

At the beginning of the game, some fields are already filled with numbers. The goal is to fill the empty fields so that the numbers 1 to 9 appear exactly once in each row, column and block. Every puzzle has only one right solution.

All fields can be filled in at any time with all numbers and do not require any particular order in the solution process. Since Sudoku is solved by logical exclusion, a player does not need any mathematical knowledge to complete the number puzzle.

It is possible to activate the intelligent note taking mode while playing and to note the suspected integers without risking a loss of points. If the puzzle is solved in note taking mode, it is still necessary to enter all digits correctly in game mode to end the game.

Operating Help