Crazy Eights is actually not only one game, but a whole family of card games and even if the game is played under the same name, it can be played regionally according to slightly different rules. Official rules exist only for the commercial variants like Uno.

In German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), for example, the game is still known under the names: Auflegen, Neunerln or Tschau Sepp. Internationally popular variants are Last Card, Switch, Mau-Mau (Germany), Huit Américain (France), Pumba (Spain), Pesten (Netherlands) or Makao (Poland).

As already mentioned, the rules of the individual variants are slightly different. Most of the time this is expressed by the fact that standard rules like "Suspend" are assigned to other cards. Also, some rules/cards may not appear (for example, "change of direction") or certain actions may be expressively allowed or forbidden (example: wish card on wish card).

Because so many different rule combinations are possible, we have made sure that you can freely define the rules in our mobile version for smartphone and tablet. This way, everyone can play according to the local or even family rules he or she knows.

You can download our mobile version of Crazy 8s here: Crazy Eights by LITE Games