When you select "Play Offline" on the main screen, the "Game Settings" will open. 

1 & 2. Here you can adjust the general game setting. For games with a high score, you can choose between the classic game with five dice and a version with six dice.

3 & 4. Select this game setting, if you want to customize the rules and set options such as the amount of bonus point. Tap on it and the gear icon above it will turn green and open. 

5. The three icons can be used to determine how many players are participating in the game and whether they are real people or computer opponents. When the first icon is colored, a real person is playing. The second one means that the opponent is a computer. The X indicates that neither a computer nor another person is participating in the game.

The first player is you by default. Therefore, it is necessary that you select the person icon. Three CPU players (computer opponents) will be displayed. You can now change the names, the number and even the type of players you want to play with. To change the name of a player, press the default name CPU1/CPU2/CPU3 and your keyboard should open. Now you can name the player however you like. 

Alternatively, you can, for example, assign two people and then play on one device alternately with a friend (Hot Seat). 

6. For the computer opponents you have the possibility to change the difficulty level. You can choose between "Beginner", "Normal" and "Expert".

7. Start your game once you have made all the settings.