The online scoring system for Rummy Multiplayer is loosely based on the official guidelines of the German Rummy Association. Points are assigned to the players after each deal and game. These points will influence the ranking position of the players and will be displayed on the leaderboard.

Points assigned after each DEAL:
• Win by Rummy – 8 points
• Normal Win – 5 points
• 10 or less points in remaining cards – 3 points
• 11-30 points in remaining cards – 2 points
• 31 or more points in remaining cards – 1 point

Points assigned after each GAME:
• Winner – 12 points
• Loser – 5 points

If a player leaves the online game prematurely, they do not receive any points. In this case the game ends and every other player receives 1 point.

If you don't yet own the Multiplayer version of our Rummy game, you can download it here: Rummy Multiplayer by LITE Games