Profile Data

Many of our games offer multiplayer functionality and automatically generate an “anonymous” user profile. Some of the data in such a profile is required by the system to be able to recognise the individual user.

Our own Mobile Game Backend with multiplayer functionality “Smarty Game Server” (SGS) generates and stores the following data:

• (automatically generated) AccountID
• (automatically generated) User Name
• (automatically generated) Display Name
• Country

Optionally, users can enrich their profile by changing their User/Display Name or by adding further content to their profile:

• Email
• City
• Sex
• Birthday
• FacebookID

The AccountID is also used to store the player’s match history as well as to rank the player’s score in the game’s publicly visible Leaderboards.

SGS does neither store the DeviceID, a temporary MarketingID or any other device or personal information or link your SGS Profile to any other data than mentioned above.

Of course, we treat this personal data with all due respect and 100% GDPR compliant. Neither do we link this data with any external data sources nor do we transfer or even sell this data to external partners. All SGS Profile Data is stored on servers within the European Union.

In the section "PII" you can see for every individual game if the app uses our SGS game backend, another third party backend or whether the game works “standalone” and aus such does not generate and/or collect any personally identifiable information at all.

In many of our apps, the easiest way to delete your personal data is to click the "Delete account" button in your user profile. If such a button is not yet implemented and you would like us to delete your data, please contact us at and provide us with the appropriate identifying information.

Third-Party Services

Most of our games have Software Development Kits (SDKs) implemented that enable us to use various third-party services. Some of those SDKs may transfer personal data, such as device ids together with certain app-related post-install events to our partners to generally analyse and optimise our app (such events for example include crashes, app launches, achievements earned or performance slow-downs).

All our apps are optimised for the download/distribution through App Stores – mainly for the App Stores by Apple &  Google. By downloading, installing and using a game from an App Store you automatically give the store operator personal data that then might be linked to app information to support certain platform features like achievements or InApp-Payments. All apps use Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as the mobile identifiers Google Advertiser ID (GAID) or Apple’s ID for Advertisers (IDFA) in order to personalise content and advertisements, to be able to offer features for social media, and to analyse user access to our app.

External Integrations and Terms of Use for Our Apps

By downloading and installing one of our apps you agree that you have read, understand, and unconditionally accept our general Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy. You especially agree that we collect and/or transfer data (which might including device ids,IP addresses, and/or location information) to optimize our in-app advertising and to enhance its performance and targeting.

If you do not agree to our Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy, you should not use any of our apps or services in any way. You are generally prohibited from using our apps if you live in the European Union AND are under 16 years of age.

All our partners who may receive such data from us have undertaken to comply with the applicable data protection regulations.